Pokemon Go Hack – Description of the Best Programs

The victorious popularity of Pokemon GO is still happening in the gaming world. Players are very busy with leveling up their Pokemons and want to do it faster. In our article, you will find some tips about the game, cheats, and secrets.

Literally, a couple of days was enough for the game Pokemon GO to capture the minds of hundreds of millions of players. Now are surprisingly looking at strange guys who do something in a smartphone near garbage cans, for example. But a little time will pass and everyone will enter the topic and there will be peace and love. We have prepared a small overview of programs that help to hack the Pokemon GO game on Android and iOS.

In this article, we will give the programs that will allow you to make a Pokemon go hack and a brief description of their purpose. We will not go into details of their installation and configuration. A detailed description must be found on the developers’ sites.

Fake GPS Hack

The use of fake GPS is one of the most pressing issues related to the game. Some people do not want to wander around the cities and villages. The habit of sitting in front of a monitor or smartphone takes its toll. The developers tried to make this game active with real tracking of the player’s movement on the map. But hackers prepared their own feature for this main feature of the game.

Changing GPS on iOS

In order to cheat the game and change the coordinates of the device on the map while sitting at home, there is the PokemonGoAnywhere program (Jailbreak required). If you don’t have one, then the JailedPokemonGoAnywhere version will do the job.

Install these applications on your iPhone and after starting the game you will get three buttons in the map exploration mode:

1. Adjusting the speed of movement (2x, 4x).

2. Walking.

3. Patrolling.

Choose the speed, click on the “walk” button, and after a Pokemon appears nearby choose the “patrol” one. If the game crashes while using Pokemon Go Anywhere, then download the PokePatch app, which allows you to hide the device jailbreak.

LocationFaker (iOS 8/9) from Cydia is another program for installing the GPS navigator. Jailbreak is required, and in case of bugs in the game, you must use PokePatch.

How to Change GPS on Android

Here we advise you to use the Fake GPS program. It has become very popular lately. It also replaces GPS coordinates with conditional ones, and you will be free to move around on a fake map. We managed to install and use it a little, but then we got banned. The conclusion is that you need to use it very carefully and not make movements over too long distances.

In general, fake GPS in the game is very closely monitored and punished. And in cases of repeated violations, they can completely ban the account with all the achievements and Pokemon.

How to Get Free Coins in Pokemon GO

With this aspect, things are still very bad. Hackers have not yet offered a decent program to get coins. On the Internet, we managed to find only a small service generator Pokemon-GO-Hack, which offers to upgrade your account for Pokecoins and PokeBalls.