How To Use DRI AVG Technologies?

The article presents a guide on what DRI AVG Technologies is and how to obtain 100% protection with AVG antivirus software

AVG Essential Features

AVG is far-famed mainly for its free antivirus soft that offers a series of protective tools to ensure adequately your security and privacy. However, AVG has much more to offer. Its paid products do not only aim at full protection against various threats for any device. One more option from AVG for you to consider is its optimization tools helping your computer to run more quickly.

To understand the benefits of prepaid AVG options, let’s observe the advantages and drawbacks of the AVG free antivirus first.

Pros of AVG:

●      Runs well on almost all devices

●      Has an easy-to-navigate interface

●      Provides adequate real-time protection against viruses and all types of malware

●      Disables insecure downloads, links, and email attachments

●      Checks devices for performance problems

●      Constantly updates its virus definitions

●      Supports multiple languages

Cons of AVG

●      The too-slow first installation process

●      Can slow down your system

●      Files .exe are often detected as viruses

Thus, AVG free antivirus is a quality product powerful enough to protect your device against most threats. It has both positive expert judgments and user feedback. However, to experience a completely reliable defense of your device, take into account AVG retailed software.

Why Opt For AVG Premium?

The paid version of AVG offers much more options that can be crucial in some cases. For example, these extra AVG features may be indispensable when you shop online and have to disclose your sensitive data such as banking info, etc.

We will mention only the most essential from the paid options:

●      More advanced firewall

●      Webcam protection

●      More complex measures of ransomware protection

●      Enhanced phishing protection

●      Driver Updater

●      Secure VPN

●      AntiTrack tool for deleting the browser history

●      TuneUp option to optimize your device’s work

●      One account available on several devices

Mind that only a free version is available for Mac users, however, they can purchase some of the tools separately.

How to Purchase with DRI AVG Technologies?

AVG paid versions might seem a bit costly, but with respect to its multifunctionality and extra-class quality, it is worth the cost. Thus, to get the AVG Internet security package, you will have to pay $69.99 per year while adding such additional options as Secure VPN or TuneUp will raise the price to $119.99 per year.

To purchase any AVG product you have to order it in AVG Online Store and make the payment to DRI AVG Technologies since all orders are processed via this service. DRI AVG Technologies – in which DRI stands for Digital River Inc. – is the company’s payment gateway having been used since 2017. The whole procedure is simple and fast:

·         Click on the chosen product and you will be redirected to AVG Online store

·         Enter your details and choose a payment method

·         Confirm the order

·         Your order is complete