How to cancel Avast 60 day trial in 3 Clicks?

It is not a secret that Avast uses a concept with different licenses and subscription plans to make the application more affordable for every type of customer. Even though Avast is one of the most popular cybersecurity programs on the modern market, the growing number of the competitors makes it less attractive for the new customers. Developers have to come up with new ideas and additional features or bonus programs to draw the clients’ attention, thus, it is high to keep a good position on such a fast growing market.

Why do people need to cancel their 60-day trial period?

In fact, users have begun to search how to cancel Avast 60 day trial more often recently. It is not a huge secret that some of the users take advantage of the free trial periods and do not even have plans to pay for the subscription afterwards. However, sometimes the reasons can be more valid.

Reasons for cancelling a free trial period:

  • As it was already mentioned, some people download the application just to use it during the trial period and then get rid of it. There is nothing criminal in that but sometimes they find themselves in a situation where they do not know how to cancel the demo period and avoid losing money.
  • You could have forgotten to uncheck the auto-renewal feature while installing Avast Antivirus and worry about losing money by its end. It is a common case and too bad that Avast itself not always reminds about it or offers to go back to the basic free version.
  • Some users simply do not see a reason to continue using Avast Antivirus and want to try out the alternatives but to do so they need to remove it from the computer.

Short guide on how to cancel free trial period

Disabling of the Avast 60-day trial period may be the only option for people, which do not intend to use it again or worry about losing money. The process of disabling it is quite basic but should be done properly:

  • You can just reach out to the support team through the official website. This method is the easiest but it may take some time for them to react to your inquiry, moreover, there is a low chance that they will ignore it.
  • You can cancel it by yourself through your main Avast Account. You can manage all your tariffs through it.
  • Third party services like Digital River may be of help because you also can control your Avast subscription through them.

Bottom line

Users may have many reasons to cancel Avast 60-day trial period. It does not matter whether you want to try out an alternative option or just do not want to pay for the tariff, you can disable this demo period in just a few clicks.