Division 2 Ivory Key: Why Collect the Items?

Are you a fan of The Division 2? You must have heard about ivory keys then. It’s a unique item that is used in the game. Let’s get to know more about the item, where to get it, and how to apply them for bigger scores. In the end, you’ll see a glimpse of what items such keys deliver, too.

A brief description of the ivory key

An ivory key is a unique element of the game. Players receive them when they kill a dozen of optional Hunters. Remember that each of them has a riddle. In case you have difficulties with them, you’d better google the information or read on.

A possibility to receive the ivory key

To receive an ivory key, players must kill level 35 secret bosses. To be honest, the procedure sounds simple but gets much more complicated when you spring into action. Many players get confused when it comes to getting the keys. So, let’s try to simplify things.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to jump through games and kill the same hunters several times. The developer changed this possibility. Now players can still kill them, but instead of the key, they’ll get more advanced weapons. Using these weapons, players will advance in their games and receive these items.

When do players need to use ivory keys?

Players need to use these ivory keys when they get into the White House. The place will have crates filled with things. To unlock them, one only needs to have ivory keys.

Main perks of the ivory keys

Once you received an ivory key in The Division 2, there is no reason to worry about the item. It’s also fine if you don’t use it immediately. You’ll see when it’s time to use the element.

Remember that there are eight keys in total. When you are ready, you should enter the house from the main entrance, walk past the Quartermaster & Vendor, and take a right turn. The lockers are on the table, right behind the Barber.

Items one can receive with the help of the keys

The moment you are standing in front of the table with the boxes and have the ivory keys, you begin to wonder what could be inside. Well, we already know. Don’t read further unless you want some spoilers.

The items in the loots are not worth the struggle. Inside, one can get the Shield Splinterer – F2000 assault rifle. However, you’d better wait some time and open it during World Tier 5. In such a case scenario, you are sure to score higher. Aside from that, players receive other little things like white skin for weapons and a trophy for killing those Hunters.


Now players have enough information about the ivory keys and even more. Use these tips to have the best possible gaming experience and score high playing The Division 2.

However, you may also use this information to decide if you really want to go through all this trouble to receive what’s hidden in the loots. After all, it doesn’t seem that valuable.